9-10 Seaters

We can take up to 10 passengers in 2 vehicles

The most people a private hire car can take is 8. We often have people calling us asking for 9 and 10 seater vehicles. We can offer this service in by sending 2 of our 5 seater cars. The price for the both vehicles going to Manchester Airport is £100. Our cars can each take 5 people with room for some luggage, or if you have only 9 people travelling we would have more room for your baggage spread over the two vehicles.

Its still cheaper than getting 3 traditional cabs

Because the normal private hire taxi can only take 4 people, you can see that if 9 people are travelling you would need 3 taxis at £45 each, so you can see that you would make a saving by taking the two 5 seater vehicles with us.

9 seater liverpool airport

We can carry 5 people in each of these MPV’s


This Galaxy is licensed to carry 5 people




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