Our Vehicles

Sefton Travel Vehicles

Below is a selection of the vehicles we use. To book any of these vehicles please contact us.

Mercedes Vito

Can carry up to 8 people with plenty of room for luggage, seating can be arranged to your liking

Sefton travel liverpool

Sefton Travel’s vehicles can take up to 8 people with room for luggage



Volkswagon Touran

Can carry up to 6 people with light luggage or 5 people if you need more space for luggage

Sefton travel 6 seater

Room for 6 with hand baggage or 5 if more room for luggage is needed



Ford Galaxy

Similar to the VW Touran, can seat 6 people with a small amount of luggage or 5 people if more space for bags is needed

Sefton travel merseyside

We use fords,VW’s and Mercedes in our fleet


BMW 3 Series

Can carry up to 4 passengers, a little bit of luxury for those longer journey’s

Sefton Chauffeur cars

Travel in luxury at no extra cost


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